Liquid Limestone Paving is a fantastic alternative to traditional paving and concrete as it does not absorb the heat, so therefore stays cool to touch and walk on during the hot summer months. This makes it ideal for Swimming Pool Surrounds.

The other benefits of this product compared to traditional pavers are it doesn’t move or sag due to excessive water or ants undermining the surface. It stays virtually weed free as long as sand and plant seeds are not left to build up in the cuts. But if they are the sand can simply be blasted out with a squirt from the hose. It is a porous non-skid surface so will not get slippery when wet. It can easily be cleaned and maintained.

The Liquid Limestone Paving can be cleaned and sealed with a limestone paving sealer which can be part of the finished product, alternatively to save some dollars Primitive Stone can supply the sealer and information on how to do it yourself.
Perfect surface for:-

•    Swimming Pool Surrounds
•    Alfresco Areas
•    Entry’s
•    Pathways
•    Driveways
•    Canal Wall Edge


When Primitive Stone are contracted to do work for a client we can supply and install custom made Limestone Bullnosed Pavers for Pool Surrounds, Retaining Walls, Steps etc. Alternatively if the situation requires the bullnose to be poured insitu, we can form up the area, with our specially designed profiled moulds.


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